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Having a child is one of life’s many blessings. However, it can be stressful and confusing for new parents to provide their baby with the right care. With all of the things to consider, it is essential that you have a resource to turn to during the postpartum process. At Baby Time, experienced doula Michaela Arriaza offers a series of services for new parents throughout the Dominican Republic. With her assistance, you will make the right choices for your baby immediately after birth. Speak with Michaela today to request services.

Essential Support after Birth

During pregnancy, you have a number of resources to depend on. From your OBGYN to your midwife, there are a variety of people who are available to provide you with advice and medical recommendations. After you give birth, you may not know where to turn for support. Your pediatrician is only available for medical questions, and family members may not always have the right answers.

After bringing your baby home, a doula can help you as you settle into your new normal. For more than 10 years, Michaela Arriaza has served as a certified doula. She proudly offers a series of services for new parents.

Bringing Your Baby Home: The Right Answers

Newborns require a certain level of care to grow up to become healthy and happy children. With all of the things you have to consider as a new parent, you could find yourself feeling overwhelmed.

During the difficult postpartum time, receive the guidance you need when you turn to Michaela. She is available to provide postpartum recovery services and newborn guidance for new parents. Her doula services include assistance for the following:

  • Labor Work
  • Postpartum Help
  • Breastfeeding
  • Sleep Consulting
  • Corporate Employee Assistance

A Certified Resource for New Parents

Parents want the best for their children. When you need extra support after bringing your baby home, you can count on Michaela to help you. As a professionally trained doula, she has the knowledge you need to take care of your newborn.

Michaela is the only certified postpartum doula link to resources in the Dominican Republic. She is passionate about helping new mothers become moms. Baby Time is associated with the following organizations and learning styles:

  • Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA)
  • Happiest Baby on the Block
  • The International Maternity and Parenting Institute (IMPI)
  • Love & Logic Parenting Facilitator

Mission Statement

Michaela believes that every mother should have access to postpartum health services to assist with new baby parenting.

Contact Michaela Arriaza to request the assistance of an experienced doula after you have given birth. Michaela offers services after birth for parents throughout the Dominican Republic.